With Songkran 2023 coming up, join the TikTok Creator Marketplace team for a Celebrate Songkran webinar!

Date: 4 April 2023 (Tue)
Time: 10.00am (GMT+7)

In this webinar, you will learn:

  • Insights on TikTok users' behaviour during Songkran
  • How to work with TikTok creators to unlock this potential and drive sales during Songkran
  • How to use TikTok Creator Marketplace to discover and shortlist creators, and manage your campaign

We will also be having a 20-minute fireside chat with Thailand-based TikTok creator @aki_yamaguchi, who will be sharing tips on how to work with local creators to supercharge your brand performance during Songkran!

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Webinar: Celebrate Songkran!

4 April 2023, 10AM (GMT+7)

*T&Cs apply for all Zoom webinar participants. By signing up for Webinar: Celebrate Songkran with TikTok Creator Marketplace, you are giving us consent to use the registration email provided to contact you post-webinar for follow up purposes. 


What are Invite Links?

Invite links are a new campaign type that allows you to invite creators outside of the TikTok Creator Marketplace platform by generating a link for creators to upload their videos.

This allows you to collaborate with creators even if they are not registered on TikTok Creator Marketplace.

TikTok Creator Marketplace Invite Links

How a generated Invite Links public link looks

Why use TikTok Creator Marketplace Invite Links?

🤼 Work with any TikTok creator

With Invite Links, you no longer need to limit your collaborations to creators who are registered on TikTok Creator Marketplace. You can now collaborate with any creator who meets the local age requirement in their country (for example, creators who are 18 and above in the US).

📊 Access to first-party reporting and performance insights

One of the top benefits of TikTok Creator Marketplace is that it enables brands to see the performance of their campaign right from their Creator Marketplace account. No need to request screenshots from creators to see how your videos are performing!
With Invite Links, you can still access the Reporting dashboard of your account to see metrics such as video views and engagement rate.
Please note that to access this feature, your invited creator still has to accept and upload their video via the Invite Link generated and sent to them. 

How to use Invite Links

If you're ready to start using Invite Links to collaborate with any creators, follow the simple steps below!

1. Verify your TikTok Creator Marketplace account

You need to verify your TikTok Creator Marketplace account to start using Invite Links.
Watch this quick video to learn how to create and verify an account on TikTok Creator Marketplace, or check out this page for verification requirements.

2. Create an Invite Link campaign

Now you’re all set to create your Invite Link campaign!
  • Create a new campaign and select Invite Link under Collaboration Type
  • Click Confirm
  • Fill out your Brand and Contact Info, Campaign Details, Deliverables and Payment. If you want to integrate Anchor links to your campaign, add an app download link under Additional Promotions and request for ad authorization. Please note that Invite Links currently do not support payments, so you will need to select “No" under Online Transactions.

How to select an Invite Link campaign on home page

3. Share the Invite Link with the creator

Your Invite Link will now be generated, and you can now share it directly with the creator you want to collaborate with via your preferred channels offline.
On the creator side, they will see the campaign details when they click on the link. The creator then needs to upload the video via the Invite Link.

4. Monitor your campaign performance

To see how your creator-led campaign is performing, go to the Reporting dashboard in your TTCM account. You can select Invite Link Only in the filters to quickly search for your campaigns that used Invite Links.
Note that it takes about two days for data to appear so don't worry if you don't see any results immediately after your videos go live.

FAQs about Invite Links

Q: Who is eligible to create an Invite Link campaign?
Invite Link campaigns are available to all registered and business verified advertisers on TTCM.
Q: Is there a limit to the number of videos per campaign?
A maximum of 100 videos can be uploaded per campaign.
Q. How can I deactivate an Invite Link campaign?
You can deactivate your Invite Link campaign in your TTCM account via Campaigns > Dashboard > Reporting *Note: Once deactivated, you will not be able to activate it again
Q: A creator uploaded the wrong video, how can I delete it?
Currently, you cannot delete the videos on your end, but you can contact the creator to do so.
Q: Is early video moderation available within the flow when using Invite links?
Early Moderation is currently unavailable for Invite Links. Please plan accordingly.
Q: Will I be able to approve the creator’s video before it is posted publicly?
Invite links is currently in beta testing and brand approval of a creator’s video within the collaboration flow is currently unavailable. It is recommended that you plan to review the creator’s video before requesting the video to be uploaded to the Invite link. The creator should upload the video to the Invite link when you are ready for the video to be publicly posted.

Keen to start using Invite Links to work with TikTok creators?

This event is now over.
Stay tuned for our upcoming webinars!

Are you a brand looking to connect with creators and grow your performance?

Join us for a TTCM 101 webinar on 15 Feb (Wed), where we will show a live demo of the TikTok Creator Marketplace platform:

  • How to discover and shortlist creators
  • Run a campaign end-to-end on TikTok Creator Marketplace
  • Track and analyse your campaign performance

We will also be having a 15-minute fireside chat with TikTok creators @itsjustinesy and @sonicwebs
who will be sharing best practices on how to communicate and negotiate a branded content brief!

BONUS: Keen to start your creator marketing campaign? We have special Ad Incentives in place, so join us to find out more!

Webinar: TTCM 101

15 Feb 2023, 11AM (GMT+8)


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