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Cuvva Cuvva

How Cuvva boosted brand awareness with creator collaborations on TikTok Creator Marketplace

Since 2016, Cuvva has helped consumers get on the road safely and find insurance coverage that works for them – whether it’s for their own car or someone else's – with policies starting from an hour, to 28 days.
TikTok Creator Marketplace gave Cuvva a simple way to build brand awareness, reach broader audiences and boost ad spend with creator collaborations that highlighted its easy-to-use service.

Finding the perfect match in a few clicks

On TikTok Creator Marketplace, brands have access to more than 800,000 active creators – and finding them is free, completely customisable and possible in just a few clicks.
And this was great news for Cuvva, which had previously reported difficulties finding the right creators. Through filters like ‘Audience Country’ and content keywords, the insurance provider could drill down on the details.

Creator content that resonates

TikTok Creator Marketplace also enables brands to view a creator's previous collaborations and performance data, helping them find their perfect match. For Cuvva, this enabled storytelling that could represent its diverse customer base. In the brand’s creator campaigns, content demonstrated how Cuvva’s flexible insurance powered a family’s trip to scenic UK spots, and how a creator borrowed a friend’s car to make it to a date.
Across all TikTok Creator Marketplace collaborations, Cuvva partnered with creators that could put their own spin on the content, highlighting the benefits of their products in a personal and playful way that would resonate with customers.

Driving seamless collaborations

TikTok Creator Marketplace is an end-to-end tool meaning brands can use the platform at every stage of the collaboration: from finding the right creators and managing content, to viewing performance data and paying them. In fact, the Monthly Invoicing feature on TTCM enabled Cuvva’s chosen creators to be paid directly through TikTok – reducing the brand’s admin hugely.
The insurance provider also valued the ability to talk directly with creators, providing the foundation for better relationships and possible future collaborations.
“The platform allows us to manage a campaign from start to finish, which is ideal when working with multiple creators at once. Having core metrics, audience breakdown, engagement and branded content videos at hand is fantastic and is a point of difference to other creator management platforms.” – Florence Saviano, Senior Communications Executive at Cuvva.

The results

Cuvva has run a number of campaigns through TikTok Creator Marketplace with multiple creators each time – and seen great results.
The brand utilised Comment Anchor to drive further action – enabling a clickable link to creator content directing viewers to a customised landing page – with a CTR of 1.29% overall.
By combining original creator content with boosted ad spend, Cuvva reached new audiences and drove brand awareness on TikTok.
Ready to find the right creators for your next campaign? Get started on TikTok Creator Marketplace.

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