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    Introducing Gaming Anchors: Drive app downloads with TikTok Gamers

    Unlock Gaming Anchors to drive instant app downloads by collaborating with Gamers on TikTok Creator Marketplace.

    Much like TikTok, mobile gaming engages audiences of all ages and can create strong communities based on what they love.
    In the gaming industry, creators (or Gamers) have become instrumental to the way people discover new games. Having cultivated their own highly-engaged communities, Gamers on TikTok can provide a powerful way for brands to connect with a targeted audience with content that feels authentic.
    And now, brands can drive even more action from Gamer collaborations on TikTok Creator Marketplace – with Gaming Anchors.

    Introducing Gaming Anchors

    Simply put, Gaming Anchors allow brands to drive app downloads via a clickable link on branded creator content.
    Accessible via creator collaborations on TikTok Creator Marketplace, Gaming Anchors allow brands all the ease of a seamless collaboration, while creating content that drives more action.
    Creators can add links to their posts that direct viewers to a customisable landing page where they can explore app details and view other brand-relevant content. Then, they can click straight through to the iOS or Android app store to download.
    Currently a Beta feature, this tool allows mobile gaming clients to access engaged communities to build brand and product awareness, driving app downloads.
    Check out this guide on the Help Centre for a step-by-step on setting up Gaming Anchors on TikTok Creator Marketplace.

    Why use Gaming Anchors?

    Tap into gaming communities
    By using Gaming Anchors, brands can capture existing gaming communities and spark intrigue through trusted voices, activating a full-funnel campaign.
    Create a richer user experience
    With a fully-customisable on-platform landing page and an accessible download button, brands can create richer interactions while encouraging audiences to discover more about the game and, of course, hit ‘download’.
    Unlock actionable and measurable results
    Gaming Anchors enable brands to run performance campaigns on TikTok Creator Marketplace, meaning they can uncover measurable conversions for creator-led activities. And, by leveraging organic content distribution to paid media targeting and retargeting, brands can supercharge their marketing strategies and deliver an overall more effective campaign result.

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    Want to level up your next creator-led gaming campaign? 
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    at 11:00AM BST, Thursday, March 9th.
    During the session you will:
    • Learn how to leverage TikTok tools
    • Understand gaming creators

    We will also be joined by one of our gaming creators, @hiemmanicole who will be sharing her perspective as well as best practices!


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