TikTok Creator Marketplace is the official platform for brand and creator collaborations on TikTok. 

Brands and agencies can have access to 2 million creators across 24 countries. 

Watch this video and learn how to: 

  • Discover and engage the right creators
  • Manage and execute campaigns
  • Access first-party reporting
  • Boost the best creator content with Spark Ads

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No matter what the holiday moment, brands on TikTok have an opportunity to inspire shoppers from discovery to purchase and beyond. Unlock creator essentials this holiday season today.
Our TikTok Creator Marketplace experts will be hosting a webinar on Thursday, 26th October at 11:00AM BST showcasing what really works, how it works and even better – hear from creators who are living and breathing TikTok and brand partnerships.

Joining the TTCM panel will be TTCM Creators who will be there to share and walk through some key areas:
  • What value can a creator add?
  • What to think about when choosing your creator?
  • What makes a good brief?
  • Why brands should let creators be themselves?
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HOLIDAY2023 Promotion starts on 01/10/23 and ends on 31/01/24. Participants must hold a TTCM advertiser account, be 18+ and be in UK, USA, CA, FRA, GER, SPA or ITA. This offer is not available to Agency Success Partners. Credits will be credited by 31/01/24 and expire on 31/12/24. In case of any disputes or conflict, TikTok will have the final decision as to whether the advertiser qualifies for Ad Credits. Coupon Terms apply.

Unlock the power of creator marketing with TTCM! 🔓

Want simple, actionable tips on making TikTok ads that drive results?
Join TikTok experts on Tuesday, August 15th at 3:00pm BST (10am PT) as they explain the power of creator marketing for your next TTCM creator campaign.
What's in store for this webinar?
For advertisers, creators are an all-in-one creative resource for making stellar branded content on TikTok. They're more than just brand ambassadors or on-camera talent. They're experts in platform trends, communities, and storytelling. They're masters at film and editing. And seasoned creators know how to take a brand's messaging and make it fresh, entertaining, and engaging to TikTok viewers.
All this is to say: The best way for brands to work with creators is to treat them as consultants who can help their strategy shine from the very beginning to the very end. In this webinar, we have actionable advice on how brands can leverage creators as consultants, based on the POVs of real-life creators who shared their thoughts on the best way for advertisers to partner with them on top-performing, creator-led TikTok campaigns.
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Collaborate with TikTok Creators your way with Invite Links

In this webinar we’ll introduce you to Invite Links, a campaign collaboration tool that allows you to invite creators to a campaign outside of the TTCM platform by generating a public link for creators to upload their videos.
Before Invite Links, TikTok Creator Marketplace was a contained environment where brands could partner with creators through our end-to-end workflow, as long as they were both on TikTok Creator Marketplace.
Now, Invite Links give brands the flexibility to collaborate with any TikTok creator on a one-time campaign at the click of a button. By generating a public link for creators to upload their videos to TikTok Creator Marketplace, brands can easily collaborate with any creator and get access to the platform’s unique reporting and performance solutions.
In short, Invite Links give advertisers wider access to the creator community while still keeping hold of all the benefits of TikTok Creator Marketplace.
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Campanha de Candidaturas Abertas é um novo tipo de campanha que permite que os anunciantes publiquem os detalhes de uma campanha no TikTok Creator Marketplace para que os criadores apliquem proativamente.
Descubra o criador certo para as campanhas- Candidaturas abertas torna mais fácil encontrar criadores com histórias e características únicas, permitindo que os criadores apresentem suas ideias para a campanha.
Economize tempo com filtros e perguntas de triagem- Filtros e perguntas permitem que os anunciantes encontrem os criadores mais relevantes com mais rapidez.
Não é necessário escolher o tipo de campanha- Poste o briefing da campanha para criadores do TTCM e envie um convite da campanha para criadores específicos.
Gostaríamos de oferecer um incentivo quando você criar suas duas primeiras campanhas de Candidaturas Abertas com criadores locais. Saiba mais sobre este incentivo aqui!

Les Campagnes Candidatures Spontanées (Open Application ou, OAC), sont un nouveau type de campagne qui permet aux annonceurs de publier les informations relatives à leur campagne sur la TikTok Creator Marketplace et de laisser les créateurs intéressés y postuler de manière proactive.
Découvrez des créateurs pertinents pour vos campagnes- Facilite la recherche de créateurs avec des attributs qui ne peuvent pas être identifiés facilement via les outils de recherche de TTCM. Permet aux créateurs de présenter proactivement leurs idées.
Gagnez du temps avec les filtres et les questions de sélection- Les filtres et les questions permettent aux annonceurs de sélectionner plus rapidement les créateurs les plus pertinents.
Pas besoin de choisir entre les types de campagne- Envoyez une invitation directe aux créateurs que vous avez pré-identifiés ET envoyez un brief aux autres créateurs sur TTCM.

Nous souhaiterions également vous remercier en vous faisant bénéficier d’une offre spéciale pour le lancement de votre première campagne Candidatures Spontanées avec des créateurs locaux.

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Join our Creator-led retail & lifestyle webinar on Wednesday, July 19th, hosted by experts Jasmine and Kerrie, at 3:00PM BST (10:00AM PT).
TikTok Creator Marketplace is the go-to destination to find great creators for your upcoming creator campaigns on TikTok. Retail & lifestyle creators on TTCM can provide a powerful avenue for brands to reach a targeted audience with content that feels authentic and in tune with trends.
In this live interactive webinar, our experts will share the hot trends and dive deeper into industry hacks with the aid of some leading creators.
We will also be joined by our TTCM creators @sugarcoatedsisters who will be sharing their perspectives as well as best practices for brands! It's a webinar that is not to be missed!


Have you heard? Videos posted through TikTok Creator Marketplace (TTCM) can perform just as well as branded content videos posted outside TTCM.
Watch our myth-busting video on video performance today and don't forget to download the data-backed factsheet that dispels the rumours you may have heard about TTCM possibly hurting your video performance.


TikTok Creator Marketplace (TTCM) early Moderation is a built-in review process to help speed up the review of your video against the TikTok Community Guidelines and Branded Content Policy and reduce the chance of your video being taken down after posting.
Watch our myth-busting video and download our factsheet to learn the truth behind Moderation and how Moderation on TTCM is unique and can actually benefit your campaign.

Client Success Program EU

Thank you for taking part in our TikTok Creator Marketplace – Client Success webinar. Hopefully you learnt the latest in TTCM trends & strategies but also discovered helpful practical tips and best practices from our TTCM expert.

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  1. Create a campaign on TikTok Creator Marketplace.
  2. Fill in your campaign brief and deliverables.
  3. Enter HOLIDAY2023 in the 'Advertising Code' section under Payment details.
  4. Click 'Enter' to confirm.
💡 TIP: You can use the search term clientsuccesseu to find a list of great creators on TTCM and use the campaign code when creating your campaign.
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Office Hours

Office hours will be available every Thursday from 10am BST. Sign up for our 1:1 sessions with Client Success team.

Client Success Webinar - EU

Open Applications

Open Applications are a new campaign type that allows advertisers to post the details of an upcoming campaign to TikTok Creator Marketplace for creators to proactively apply.
Discover the right TTCM creators for your campaign – Open Applications make it easier to find creators with unique stories and unsearchable attributes by allowing creators to pitch their ideas within their applications.
Save time with preference filters and screening questions – Preference filters and screening questions give advertisers the ability to surface the most relevant creators faster.
No need to choose between campaign types – Advertisers can now send campaign invites to specific creators along with sending out a campaign brief to the TTCM network of creators.

Invite Links

Invite Links are a new campaign collaboration tool that allows you to invite creators to a campaign outside of the TTCM platform by generating a public link for creators to upload their videos.
Access to any TikTok CreatorAdvertisers can now collaborate with any 18+ creator on TikTok at the click of a button.
Access to aggregated first-party reporting – Advertisers still have the benefits of TTCM reporting and performance solutions. We know you need real-time reporting vs. a snapshot in time.
Access to Anchors* – Plugged into TTCM Anchors, deep links that brands can pin to the creator comments or on their content. Anchors are able to connect potential customers to a brand-centric landing page with a single-click.
*Anchor availability limited to Gaming, E-commerce, Media, and App downloads

HOLIDAY2023 Promotion starts on 01/10/23 and ends on 31/01/24. Participants must hold a TTCM advertiser account, be 18+ and be in UK, USA, FRA, GER, SPA or ITA. This offer is not available to Agency Success Partners. Credits will be credited by 31/01/24 and expire on 31/12/24. In case of any disputes or conflict, TikTok will have the final decision as to whether the advertiser qualifies for Ad Credits. Coupon Terms apply.

What is Open Applications?

Open Applications is a new TikTok Creator Marketplace campaign type, where advertisers can post details of upcoming campaigns and open the campaign invite to all creators on TikTok Creator Marketplace to proactively apply. This makes it easier for advertisers to reach out to the network of over 800K creators on TikTok Creator Marketplace
Creators are able to self-apply to the Open Applications campaign by submitting their pitch, including their idea for the campaign, selected videos that showcase their creativity, and proposed payment rates. From there, advertisers can view the profile of creators who apply and select the creators they want to work with.

3 reasons to use Open Applications for branded content campaigns

🤼 Expand your reach and open your invite to more creators on TikTok Creator Marketplace

Open Applications makes it easy for advertisers to send out a campaign brief to the TikTok Creator Marketplace network of creators, and expand their reach by allowing creators to self-apply to the campaign brief and pitch their creative ideas within their application. 
Based on the submitted applications and our matchmaking algorithm, advertisers can pick from a selection of relevant creators who have applied to their campaign.

😎 Find the right creators faster, with preference filters and screening questions

With Open Applications, advertisers can set preference filters and screening questions to surface the most relevant creators faster. Use Preference Filters to indicate your preferred qualifications for creators applying to your campaign brief, such as Creator Country/Region, Audience Age, and Video Categories. 
Advertisers can also set Screening Questions (optional) asking about a creator's product experience or partnership history. This helps to narrow down the search and make it easy to surface the most relevant creators for your campaign. 

📊 Work with specific creators at the same time

With the Open Applications feature, advertisers can open their campaign invitation to the TikTok Creator Marketplace network of over 800K creators, where interested creators can self-apply. 
At the same time, advertisers can also choose to work with specific TikTok Creator Marketplace creators that they have in mind.

After creating the Open Applications campaign, advertisers can simply navigate to “Manage" > “Open Applications" > and select “Invite creators".

This allows advertisers to see their shortlisted creators and invite these specific creators to their Open Applications campaign as well. 

How to use Open Applications to run branded content campaigns

Keen to know how to use Open Applications to run your branded content campaign? Follow these easy steps below!

1. Verify your TikTok Creator Marketplace account

If you have not already done so, you need to verify your TikTok Creator Marketplace account to start using Open Applications.
Watch this quick video to learn how to create and verify an account on TikTok Creator Marketplace, or check out this page for verification requirements.

2. Create an Open Applications campaign

  • Create a new campaign and select “Open Applications under Collaboration Type
  • Click “Confirm" and fill out your Brand and Contact Information.

3. Set preferred qualifications and screening questions

Fill in the preferred creator qualifications and screening questions (optional)

It is recommended for advertisers to set creator qualifications and screening questions as this will help you surface the most relevant creators when you are shortlisting the creators who have applied.

  • Preferred Qualifications: Set qualifications for creators who apply, such as your preferred creator country/region, target audience age, video categories/niche, or your preferred minimum engagement rate.
  • Screening Questions: This optional step allows you to set questions to learn more about a creator's location or experience doing paid partnerships.

4. Publish the campaign

  • Fill out the deliverables and payment section. If you select online transaction for payment, note that both advertisers and creators must agree to the TikTok Creator Marketplace Contract
  • Select 'Publish' after everything has been filled.
  • Creators on TikTok Creator Marketplace will be able to see the campaign invite in the “Open Applications" section of their Creator Console. 
  • Creators will then choose to accept/apply to the Open Applications campaign.

Sending Open Applications campaign invites to specific creators

Besides opening up the Open Applications campaign invite to all creators on TikTok Creator Marketplace, advertisers can also send invitations to specific creators that they wish to invite to their campaign as well.

Steps to follow:

1. Make sure you have created and published your Open Applications campaign per the steps above.

2. Create a shortlist of specific creators you want to work with

3. Navigate to “Campaigns" > “Manage" > “Open Applications" > Invite creators

4. Select desired creators from your shortlist

5. Invite these creators to your Open Application campaign

What to do after your Open Applications campaign is published

Review and accept creators who have applied

To view which creators have applied to your campaign:

1. Navigate to “Campaigns" > “Manage" >Open Applications
2. Click on the specific campaign to see a list of all of the creators who have applied. 
3. Click on individual creators to view their application and their answers to your screening questions (if you provided this in your Open Applications campaign). 

4. Decide if you want to accept or decline the creator's application. Creators will receive an in-app notification once their application is accepted, declined or modified

Note: Advertisers must respond to the creator's application within 7 days.

If you miss out on a creator's application but would still like to work with him/her, you would need to create a new campaign invite via Direct Invitation. 

FAQs about Open Applications Campaign

Q: What is the difference between Open Applications and Direct Invite campaigns?
Open Applications is an open-invite campaign opportunity that allows all creators on TikTok Creator Marketplace to apply directly to the campaign. Direct Invite, on the other hand, is where advertisers shortlist specific creators on TikTok Creator Marketplace and invite them directly to be part of their campaign.
Q. How long do I have to review the Open Applications campaign?
Once the application period has started, advertisers will have 7 days to respond to a creator application. Usually, creators will start expressing interest and submitting applications within the first 24 hours. Most creator applications are submitted within the first 30 days of a campaign being published. We recommend you actively manage your Open Application campaign to ensure you do not miss out on responding to creators who have applied.
Q: Can I extend the original dates of my Open Applications campaign so more creators can join?
Yes, advertisers can extend the application period for their Open Application for a maximum time period of two months.
Q: If I extend the application period, does that reset the time needed to respond to creators that have already applied?
Extending the application period does not reset the time needed to respond to creators that have already applied. Advertisers still need to respond to an application within seven days of the application date.


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