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The Objective

Engaging sub-communities with creators during Ramadan

Would you sacrifice your morning coffee or tea for whiter teeth? To caffeine drinkers’ delight, Colgate took to TikTok to show you might not have to. With the launch of its new toothpaste that's effective against coffee, tea & tobacco stains, the brand targeted TikTok users in Saudi Arabia to reveal how to get a whiter smile without giving up their favourite beverages.

With the help of TikTok Creator Marketplace, Colgate partnered with several creators to connect with sub-communities during the month of Ramadan. By leaning into popular TikTok videos like funny skits, relatable moments and the concept of ‘Ramadan Diaries’, the brand created relevant, entertaining content that successfully built product awareness during a key holy moment. 

The Solution

Speaking to the power of storytelling on TikTok

During the busy content month of Ramadan, breaking through the noise can be challenging. To make a real impact, Colgate turned to TikTok Creator Marketplace to seamlessly find the right creators, reach sub-communities across Saudi Arabia and boost engagement with their storytelling expertise. 

Each creator put their own spin on the brief, producing ‘mini episodes’ from popular Ramadan genres, such as romance, drama, horror and comedy. From dramatic monologues to  declarations of true love, each creator found humorous, seasonally relatable ways to introduce the product in their own authentic styles. 

The Results

Boosting video completion rates and driving click-throughs

By tapping into relevant TikTok content around Ramadan, Colgate created a truly impactful ad experience that stood out during the busy season. Creator content in this partnership boosted video completion rate by a huge 14%, increased click-throughs by 7% and more than doubled engagement rate. The collaboration proved the true effectiveness of relatable content in boosting attention and driving measurable action.  

TikTok Creator Marketplace helped the toothpaste brand find the right creators, whose storytelling ability compelled viewers to watch longer. In fact, Colgate’s creator content achieved far better video completion rates compared to shorter branded content from the same campaign.

For Colgate, partnering with the right creators and developing the right content on TikTok during Ramadan enabled the brand to reach consumers in Saudi Arabia in a relatable, authentic and entertaining way, while still driving big results.


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