Increase in Ad Recall


Increase in View-Through Rate


Lower cost-per-mille (CPM)

The Objective

Reaching target communities through creator collaborations

From running to roller skating, weightlifting to waterskiing, hiking to horse riding – Decathlon provides customers with everything they need to stay active at an affordable price. 

TikTok Creator Marketplace enabled Decathlon to easily find and seamlessly collaborate with a variety of exercise-enthusiast creators on TikTok – showing how its product range helps everyone get active.

Through creator collaborations, the sports retailer authentically tapped into engaged communities to boost their reach and build product awareness with TikTok sports-lovers across UAE, Kuwait and Qatar.

The Solution

Engaging a variety of sports communities through creators

TikTok Creator Marketplace (TTCM) makes it easy for brands to find the right creators to collaborate with. This is key for ensuring the content produced feels authentic and reaches the right TikTok communities. 

For Decathlon, using TTCM helped them find a range of sporty creators, enabling the brand to reach a variety of audiences: from occasional exercisers, to fully-fledged fitness enthusiasts.

Across the collaborations, creators brought their own style. One creator showed how she stays active as a mum and gets her son moving, too – from beach days to playing football in the garden. Another visited a Decathlon store to showcase the variety of products on the shelves. And two of the creators showed how they use the retailer’s products with positive messages around exercise, from “Staying active is not boring”, to “Healthy body = healthy mind”

With TTCM, Decathlon was able to easily boost content from this collaboration with Spark Ads – driving further reach and promoting the brand with ad content that felt authentic. 

The Results

Creator collaboration made easy

By boosting the creator content with Spark Ads, Decathlon saw lower costs, higher engagement and higher ad recall. Creator content through this collaboration also received a huge 71% increase in view-through rate, demonstrating the impact of selecting the right creators for relevant, high-quality authentic content.

For Decathlon, the seamless workflow and tools on TikTok Creator Marketplace enabled easier collaboration than ever before. The platform allowed the brand to easily partner with creators that connected them to an engaged audience, allowing them to build a benchmark-breaking campaign in a timely and cost-efficient way.  


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