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Maybelline New York Maybelline New York
Maybelline New York Maybelline New York

Creating lash-curling brand awareness in a highly competitive space

Having seen the success on TikTok with organic content thanks to the #TikTokMadeMeBuyIt trend, Maybelline New York worked with TikTok creators in Australia to drive additional reach and awareness of their Maybelline Colossal Curl Bounce Mascara launch campaign. The New York city-based leading makeup brand had two specific outcomes in mind:

1. Creating awareness of Maybelline as the best mascara brand on the market

2. Driving awareness of the unique benefits of their new Maybelline mascara, Colossal Curl Bounce



Above sales uplift benchmark


Higher Product Awareness


Video Views

They were also eager to capture the attention of Gen Z beauty lovers as the next generation of Maybelline mascara enthusiasts.

Turning up the volume with TikTok Creators in Australia

Maybelline decided to use a combination of content creators and ad formats on TikTok Australia to achieve their goals. Focusing on how the Maybelline Colossal Curl Bounce mascara gets rid of the need for eyelash curlers as well as its 24-hour wear, the TikTok Creator Solutions team collaborated with Maybelline on the creator marketing direction for the campaign, recommending the seven best content creators to align with the brand, as well as providing support on how to work with TikTok content creators from TikTok Creator Marketplace.

Maybelline also chose to test the impact of working with content creators outside their category, engaging both entertainment as well as their usual beauty creators. They coupled this test and learn activity with Spark and In Feed Ads to boost awareness.

Driving sales uplift with TikTok creators in Australia

Adding TikTok to their media plan drove a 4.9% uplift in sales, 75% above the Nielsen AU FMCG benchmark! There was also a 12% uplift in product awareness, 9X higher than the benchmark, with more than 28 million video views achieved during the campaign.

Working with entertainment content creators also produced great results, with @finns.vlogs and @sashamorpeth generating 94K and 96K likes on their videos, demonstrating that audiences resonate with branded content if it aligns with the creators usual posting style. For example, @finns.vlogs created a skit centred around her popular character, the Rich Aussie Mum, to organically incorporate the mascara.

The beauty creators’ videos also provided value in a different way, generating discussion about the products with fellow beauty lovers. On @allthingsolive‘s video, one user even commented, saying “I love this mascara I’m so glad I bought into the hype.”

The campaign achieved brilliant outcomes due to a strong creative idea delivered in partnership with TikTok creators in Australia that resonated with the community – regardless of the category they are most commonly associated with. The team at Maybelline were thrilled with the results and we look forward to driving future business impact for their brand.

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*This success story was first published on TikTok for Business (Australia).

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