MAGGI Pedas Giler (Nestle)
MAGGI Pedas Giler (Nestle)
MAGGI Pedas Giler (Nestle)
MAGGI Pedas Giler (Nestle)
MAGGI Pedas Giler (Nestle)

MAGGI Pedas Giler (Nestle)

MAGGI Pedas Giler (Nestle) MAGGI Pedas Giler (Nestle)
MAGGI Pedas Giler (Nestle) MAGGI Pedas Giler (Nestle)

Driving awareness for MAGGI Pedas Giler

MAGGI, a household food brand under the Nestle Group, wanted to drive engagement with their product MAGGI Pedas Giler noodles by running a remix challenge with TikTok creators to generate buzz and word-of-mouth recommendations.

As part of the MAGGI Pedas Giler remix challenge, users are encouraged to showcase their creativity by mixing in interesting ingredients in their MAGGI Pedas Giler.



Ad Recall uplift




6s View-Through Rate (VTR)

Boosting campaign reach with with MAGGI Pedas Giler remix challenge

MAGGI worked with the TikTok Creator Solutions team to oversee the campaign management, from creator shortlists to creative consultation. The brand worked with a diverse mix of six Malaysia-based TikTok creators, including @im_siowei (2.6M followers) , @sonicwebs (1.5M followers) , and @deadpudds (535k followers) to create excitement and get the MAGGI Pedas Giler remix challenge rolling.

MAGGI Pedas Giler campaign sees high engagement rate with TikTok creators

The campaign’s success was largely driven by the native style of the published content as they are well integrated with the content style of each TikTok creator. Additionally, the creators’ content well leveraged on various creative assets such as music, dance, skit or user interactions, which was key to driving high engagement and views. The consistent aesthetics and transitions used in the creators’ videos, not only kept users engaged but also effectively highlighted the MAGGI Pedas Giler’s unique selling proposition at the same time. 

Overall, the campaign resulted in brilliant results, with over 12M views and an outstanding 9.97 seconds/average watch time per video view, nearly 5 seconds above the benchmark average. 

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