Rimmel Lasting Finish
Rimmel Lasting Finish
Rimmel Lasting Finish
Rimmel Lasting Finish
Rimmel Lasting Finish
Rimmel Lasting Finish Rimmel Lasting Finish
Rimmel Lasting Finish Rimmel Lasting Finish

Working with TikTok creators to educate and raise brand awareness

Multinational cosmetics brand, Rimmel London, wanted to drive awareness of their new Rimmel Lasting Finish compact foundation, and educate consumers on the importance of a good base care for long-lasting makeup that stays flawless all day.



Ad Recall uplift


Brand Awareness uplift


CPM (Cost per thousand impressions)

The brand was well-versed in creator marketing, but wanted the help of TikTok Creator Marketing Solution's Client Success team to provide them with first-boarding technical support for their creator-led campaign.

Leveraging TikTok Creator Marketplace first-party data reporting

With the help of the APAC Client Success team, Rimmel London (Malaysia) used TikTok Creator Marketplace to discover new creators and create a shortlist for their campaign. The brand chose to work with four mid-tier creators based in Malaysia: @bunsybarb, @haniiiii, @thenictionary, @zatisyazwina. The four creators each showcased the long-lasting power of the Rimmel Lasting Finish compact foundation and Lasting Finish Setting Spray by creating organic content around their daily routine and how their makeup stays transfer- and sweat-proof throughout the day.

Rimmel London (MY) then used Spark Ads to amplify the creators' videos within 24 hours of the videos going live. Spark Ads is a native In-Feed ad display format that enables businesses to boost organic content posted by creators, in a way that looks natural and authentic.

Achieving uplift in Ad Recall and Brand Awareness with TikTok creators

Overall, Rimmel London (MY) saw great results with their creator-led campaign on TikTok Creator Marketplace. The Rimmel Lasting Finish foundation campaign saw a 4.9% uplift in Brand Awareness and 12.3% lift in Ad Recall.

The TikTok Creator Marketplace first-party data reporting tool also made it easy for the brand to track their campaign performance results during and after.

Client testimonal

“The TikTok Creator Marketplace analytics dashboard helped us select creators that were best suited for our campaign objectives and brand guidelines using a data-driven approach. The creators' content was well aligned with our TikTok media strategy, and the boosted Spark Ads exceeded our expectations for our first-ever TTCM campaign.” – So Bee Leng, Marketing Manager, Coty

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