vivo X80 series
vivo X80 series
vivo X80 series
vivo X80 series
vivo X80 series
vivo X80 series vivo X80 series
vivo X80 series vivo X80 series

Boosting awareness of the vivo X80 series with TikTok Creator Marketplace

Multi-tech company vivo (Philippines) wanted to boost brand awareness and education of their X80 series with a focus on the Zeiss collaboration within the TikTok Philippines community.



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Cost Per Click (CPC)

Leveraging TikTok's Creator Search & Discovery feature

With the aim of driving full success and achieving optimal results in the campaign, the brand worked with TikTok Creator Marketing Solutions Client Success team to provide them with first-boarding technical support for their creator-led campaign.

As a relatively new user to TikTok Creator Marketing, vivo (Philippines) leveraged on the Creator Search & Discovery feature on TikTok Creator Marketplace to source for creators. The brand partnered with 5 strong creators based in Philippines, a mix of 1 micro and 4 mid-tier creators : @kattvaldez (34.1k followers), @itsjustinesy (275k followers),  @thedavevisuals (188k followers), @karlpatacsil_(804k followers) , @kevincharlesdc (485k followers). 

Achieving high engagement rates with TikTok creators in Philippines

Coupled with a high clarity content brief from the brand and sufficient creative space for the creators to showcase each of their unique styles through the videos, vivo (Philippines) achieved great results with their creator-led campaign.

The brand saw an average engagement rate of 4.25%, cost per click as low as $0.37 and a total of 21M views! Apart from the huge success achieved in boosting brand awareness of the X80 series, the fuss-free campaign execution process was a bonus for vivo (Philippines) as well, as the brand seeks to continue leveraging on TikTok Creator Marketplace for execution of future campaigns. 

“TTCM enables us to promote KOL content along our own branded official assets, helping to make a more authentic and impactful campaign throughout TikTok."   —— Veronica Tan, vivo (Philippines) digital marketing head

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