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The Objective

Driving product awareness with humorous creator content

Nothing kills romance like bad breath. At least, that’s the message global toothpaste brand Close Up used for its recent amusing TikTok creator campaign in Egypt.

Through TikTok Creator Marketplace (TTCM), Close Up found the perfect creator match for the dating-themed content, helping the brand to drive awareness of its oral hygiene products, while improving reach and boosting video views. 

Close Up also used a Brand Lift Study to measure Ad Recall and Intent among viewers to optimise resonance on TikTok and gather impactful learnings. 

The Solution

Bringing a branded concept to life

Close Up oral hygiene products are all about giving customers the ‘confidence to get close’. For the toothpaste brand’s collaboration, the content showed creators in first date scenarios with a voiceover revealing their inner thoughts, building to the moment they detect their date's bad breath. 

With this humorous date-gone-wrong concept in mind, the brand utilised TTCM to collaborate with creators that would bring comedic value, helping them tap into target audiences. 

On TTCM, granular search filters enable brands to select the right creators: from audience country and size, to specific interests and keywords; like comedy, for example. For Close Up, creators @taghreed.e, @bassantm.dinar, @mooredaa and @farahharidy all brought their own humorous spin to the content, driving product awareness and boosting engagement among their audiences. With TTCM, Close Up also boosted the content with Spark Ads, maximising reach and promoting its products with funny, relatable content. 

The Results

Achieving results through comedy

By utilising a Brand Lift Study, Close Up was able to measure the impact of its creator collaborations through TTCM. Across the campaign, the storytelling content resonated with the target audience, meaning the brand saw significant uplift in Ad Recall.

The collaborations also drove action: Close Up measured +3.7% intent uplift. By utilising TTCM, the brand was able to find the right creators to tap into engaged audiences, delivering a strong message about their products in an authentic, playful way. 

Overall, the campaign received 50.3M video views and 444.5K engagements, boosting awareness across the target audience.


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