Video Completion Rate


Engagement Rate


Click-Through Rate

The Objective

Engaging sub-communities with creators during Ramadan

Would you sacrifice your morning coffee or tea for whiter teeth? To caffeine drinkers’ delight, Colgate took to TikTok to show you might not have to. With the launch of its new toothpaste that's effective against coffee, tea & tobacco stains, the brand targeted TikTok users in Saudi Arabia to reveal how to get a whiter smile without giving up their favourite beverages.

With the help of TikTok Creator Marketplace, Colgate partnered with several creators to connect with sub-communities during the month of Ramadan. By leaning into popular TikTok videos like funny skits, relatable moments and the concept of ‘Ramadan Diaries’, the brand created relevant, entertaining content that successfully built product awareness during a key holy moment. 

The Solution

Speaking to the power of storytelling on TikTok

During the busy content month of Ramadan, breaking through the noise can be challenging. To make a real impact, Colgate turned to TikTok Creator Marketplace to seamlessly find the right creators, reach sub-communities across Saudi Arabia and boost engagement with their storytelling expertise. 

Each creator put their own spin on the brief, producing ‘mini episodes’ from popular Ramadan genres, such as romance, drama, horror and comedy. From dramatic monologues to  declarations of true love, each creator found humorous, seasonally relatable ways to introduce the product in their own authentic styles. 

The Results

Boosting video completion rates and driving click-throughs

By tapping into relevant TikTok content around Ramadan, Colgate created a truly impactful ad experience that stood out during the busy season. Creator content in this partnership boosted video completion rate by a huge 14%, increased click-throughs by 7% and more than doubled engagement rate. The collaboration proved the true effectiveness of relatable content in boosting attention and driving measurable action.  

TikTok Creator Marketplace helped the toothpaste brand find the right creators, whose storytelling ability compelled viewers to watch longer. In fact, Colgate’s creator content achieved far better video completion rates compared to shorter branded content from the same campaign.

For Colgate, partnering with the right creators and developing the right content on TikTok during Ramadan enabled the brand to reach consumers in Saudi Arabia in a relatable, authentic and entertaining way, while still driving big results.



Ad Recall Lift*


Purchase Intent Lift*


In-Store Sales Lift**

The Objective

Creators starting conversations

Kit Kat’s famous slogan has been encouraging the world to ‘have a break’ for decades. But the beloved chocolate brand also knows that everyone enjoys their breaks – and their Kit Kats – differently. 

Kit Kat wanted to speak to the youth of Saudi Arabia with a creator-led TikTok campaign that sparked conversations around the best way to enjoy a Kit Kat.

With TikTok Creator Marketplace, the brand was able to partner with the top creators in Saudi Arabia to kickstart the conversation through a creator-led activation. The playful debate got fellow creators and Kit Kat’s target audience involved in a memorable format that boosted ad recall and drove purchase intent among young people across Saudi Arabia.

The Solution

Engaging target audiences with a creator-led activation

Kit Kat’s campaign was centred around the #MyBreak hashtag, with each creator offering their own take on the best way to eat a Kit Kat: Do you take a bite from the bar? Eat one finger at a time? Or dip it in your tea? Turns out – it’s a hot topic. 

The campaign was divided into three key phases: 

  • Kit Kat kicked off the debate
  • Creators responded to the brand with their own ways of enjoying the treat
  • The conversation continued via creator duets and debates in the comment section

TikTok Creator Marketplace enabled Kit Kat to search and partner with local creators from Saudi Arabia to create localised content that invited their target audience into the conversation. 

Kit Kat took a unique approach by encouraging people to talk about how they personalise their experience with the brand – inspiring conversations that showcased product love in an authentic, entertaining way. 

The Results

Boosting ad recall and driving in-store sales

Kit Kat’s creator campaign reached over 14M unique users on TikTok. By partnering with creators on TikTok Creator Marketplace, Kit Kat sparked conversations that put people’s enjoyment of its product at the heart of the campaign.

By involving creators and users in the debate, Kit Kat created a memorable campaign that showcased brand love and still felt authentic. The brand saw a 3.6% rise in purchase intent as a result of the campaign and a 5.2% lift in in-store sales

Start your own trend on TikTok to get your target consumers participating! Visit TikTok Creator Marketplace to find creators to lead your campaign.

*Source: TikTok Brand Lift Study

**Source: Nielsen Matched Panel Analysis



Unique Reach


Video Views




videos created under Hashtag Challenge


Ad Recall Lift


Brand Awareness Lift

The Objective

Launching Hashtag Shaped Cheetos on TikTok

Cheetos, owned by the global company PepsiCo, is one of the world’s most popular snack brands.

It is renowned for its distinct cheesy flavor, crunchy texture, and an extensive range of flavors that cater to diverse consumer preferences, from mild cheddar cheese to flaming hot.

To promote its new launch in Egypt, Hashtags shaped Cheetos, the Brand sought to leverage the TikTok platform to generate awareness. Cheetos opted to launch the new product through a hashtag challenge on TikTok, an excellent solution to create buzz around the launch. To make the campaign even more interactive, a branded effect was also created.

The campaign ran for 4 weeks and targeted the genZ community on TikTok, aiming to engage and entice them with the new product.

The Solution

Combining Branded Effect and a Hashtag Challenge led by creators

To power the hashtag challenge, Cheetos leveraged the TikTok Creator Marketplace to identify some of the most popular young creators in Egypt. Since the campaign included a dance challenge component, the brand chose creators who were also known for their Music Lipsync content.

Using the Cheetos Branded Effect as their background, each creator showed off their best “zigzag dance" to the tune of upbeat original music developed for the campaign. In the captions, the creators encouraged their followers to participate in the challenge by using the same Branded Effect and performing the “zigzag dance" themselves. All videos incorporated the hashtag #شيتوس_هاشتاج_ورقصة_الزجزاج.

To maximize the campaign reach, Cheetos leveraged Spark Ads to boost the creators’ videos and ensure reach on the campaign’s target audience. It wasn’t long before thousands of TikTok users and other creators joined the challenge!

The Results

Achieving significant reach and brand lift success

The campaign registered groundbreaking results that surpassed benchmarks.

The creator-led content paired with Spark Ads led to a massive reach of 11.3M unique TikTok users. Videos using the Hashtag Challenge also racked up 92M Video Views. This is twice the benchmark number for Hashtag Challenge views in Egypt!

Partnering with TikTok creators to lead the campaign proved to be an effective strategy for creating virality. Over 13,000 videos were generated using the hashtag, exceeding the benchmark for similar campaigns in Egypt by more than three times.

A Brand Lift Study was conducted to gauge the campaign’s impact on brand perception. The study found that the campaign resulted in an +8.4% Ad Recall uplift, indicating its memorability for TikTok audiences. Additionally, there was a +13.3% Brand Awareness uplift, further demonstrating the campaign’s success.

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Increase in View-Through Rate vs. industry benchmarks


Share of Voice in GCC and UK

The Objective

Showcasing Abu Dhabi as a premier summer destination

The Department of Culture and Tourism (DCT) is Abu Dhabi’s governmental organization in charge of developing and promoting local and international tourism to Abu Dhabi. DCT’s travel marketing strategy is built on the foundation of showcasing the emirate of Abu Dhabi as a premier destination for every kind of traveler. Thrill-seekers looking for action-packed adventures can enjoy an adrenaline rush at Yas Island, heritage lovers can visit historical landmarks, and more laid-back travelers can choose from a myriad of luxurious dining options.

For their summer campaign, DCT turned to TikTok to show how summertime was a fantastic time to visit Abu Dhabi. DCT aimed to target travel enthusiasts across Gulf countries and the UK, and generate awareness and excitement around the emirate’s many tourist destinations.

The Solution

Partnering with TikTok creators for an interactive travel video series

To drive their message in an authentic and engaging way, DCT decided to partner with TikTok creators to demonstrate first-hand why users should travel to Abu Dhabi.

DCT collaborated with the creator Vlada, better known by her TikTok handle @notyourlocalhabibi, who is known for her comedic and relatable videos. To show just how Abu Dhabi is the perfect destination for travelers of all ages, Vlada was paired with the “coolest Grandma" who gamely participated in travel activities (including “burning rubber" behind the wheel at the Formula One race track!).

The unlikely pair embarked on a series of travel adventures that boasted tourist places in Abu Dhabi. Vlada posted each adventure on her TikTok account, reaching her 1.3M followers. What made the campaign even more fun was how engaged the viewers were, taking the time to comment on the videos to suggest what the ladies should do next!

After the Yas Marina Circuit where grandma stepped into the driver’s seat of an F1 car, Vlada and grandma headed to brunch where they enjoyed “epic" mocktails and food. Next stop was CLYMB for some adrenaline rush, where the pair made viewers laugh as grandma beat Vlada with her rock climbing skills.

The last destination was the Al Ain Palace to celebrate Eid! Wearing beautiful abaya dresses, the ladies explored the majestic halls and pathways of the luxurious 4-star hotel. They also handed eidiya to children (gifts traditionally handed by older relatives to children during Eid) and enjoyed some authentic Emirati food.

Celebrating a religious holiday while immersing in the local culture was the perfect way to end the fun TikTok video series. To amplify reach, DCT leveraged Spark Ads to boost the creator videos targeted towards users who were interested in travel.

The Results

Achieving significant milestones at an efficient cost

Not only did the campaign reach a massive audience of 20 million users across the GCC region and United Kingdom, it also achieved over 60% in Share of Voice (SOV).

Compared to industry benchmarks, the campaign had a 125% increase in view-through rate, with many of the viewers engaging with the videos and leaving comments. From a cost efficiency standpoint, DCT also saw a 75% decrease in cost-per-view, proving that creator-led content was effective in maximizing advertising budget.

Are you in the travel industry and planning your next travel marketing activation? Partnering with TikTok creators is one of the most effective ways of engaging travel enthusiasts. Visit TikTok Creator Marketplace and start discovering creators for your next campaign.



App Installs


Efficiency in cost-per-install


Conversion efficiency vs industry benchmark

"Our collaboration with TikTok creators allowed us to tap into their authentic connections with their communities and achieve cost-efficient app installs. We're thrilled with the success of our campaign and look forward to future partnerships with TikTok."
TOD Marketing Team

The Objective

Launching an app install campaign on TikTok

TOD is an entertainment and sports streaming app that features a premium selection of sports events, movies and TV shows. It boasts a library of international, Arabic and Turkish titles as well as curated kids' shows, ensuring binge-worthy entertainment for the whole family!

For sports lovers, TOD also offers access to award-winning beIN Sports award-winning channels. TOD 360 lets you watch all premium football matches, with live stats and instant replays available. 

For its first app install campaign on TikTok, The TOD team leveraged the excitement before World Cup 2022. The campaign ran for three weeks with the goal of driving app installs across the United Arab Emirates, Saudi Arabia and Qatar.

The Solution

Partnering with TikTok creators during the pre-World Cup season

In order to reach and engage its target audiences on TikTok, the TOD team partnered with five TikTok creators using TikTok Creator Marketplace (TTCM), Tiktok's official platform for brand and creator collaborations. Through TTCM, the brand was able to discover creators in the region that have a strong following in the gaming and sports communities on TikTok.

Each creator showcased the app and its selection of sports and entertainment titles. These include international blockbusters like Spider-Man: No Way Home and The Matrix Resurrections or popular TV shows like Pretty Little Liars and Gossip Girl. For football enthusiasts, the creators also made sure to highlight the UEFA Champions League matches.

Once all creator videos were approved and live, the brand worked with the TikTok team to ensure the videos were reaching as many relevant users as possible. This was done through Spark Ads, which allowed the brand to “boost" creator videos to reach a wider audience without losing the videos' organic feel.

Targeting optimizations were also implemented through lookalike audiences, making sure the campaign reached users who are more likely to download the app.

The Results

Achieving cost-efficient app installs through creator-led content

TOD's creator-led campaign on TikTok drove over 31,000 app installs. The successful results proved the winning combination of leveraging a seasonal moment and collaborating with relevant creators. Compared to industry benchmarks, the campaign also had a 67% more efficient cost-per-install and an 87% more efficient conversion rate.

Because TikTok creators drive authentic connections with their communities, the campaign also had a 50% video completion rate that was 128% higher than industry benchmark.

Want to drive an app install campaign on TikTok to get users to download your app? Partnering with creators is one of the best ways to do it! Visit TikTok Creator Marketplace and start discovering creators in your industry.



Video Views


Ad Recall Lift


Intent Uplift

The Objective

Driving product awareness with humorous creator content

Nothing kills romance like bad breath. At least, that’s the message global toothpaste brand Close Up used for its recent amusing TikTok creator campaign in Egypt.

Through TikTok Creator Marketplace (TTCM), Close Up found the perfect creator match for the dating-themed content, helping the brand to drive awareness of its oral hygiene products, while improving reach and boosting video views. 

Close Up also used a Brand Lift Study to measure Ad Recall and Intent among viewers to optimise resonance on TikTok and gather impactful learnings. 

The Solution

Bringing a branded concept to life

Close Up oral hygiene products are all about giving customers the ‘confidence to get close’. For the toothpaste brand’s collaboration, the content showed creators in first date scenarios with a voiceover revealing their inner thoughts, building to the moment they detect their date's bad breath. 

With this humorous date-gone-wrong concept in mind, the brand utilised TTCM to collaborate with creators that would bring comedic value, helping them tap into target audiences. 

On TTCM, granular search filters enable brands to select the right creators: from audience country and size, to specific interests and keywords; like comedy, for example. For Close Up, creators @taghreed.e, @bassantm.dinar, @mooredaa and @farahharidy all brought their own humorous spin to the content, driving product awareness and boosting engagement among their audiences. With TTCM, Close Up also boosted the content with Spark Ads, maximising reach and promoting its products with funny, relatable content. 

The Results

Achieving results through comedy

By utilising a Brand Lift Study, Close Up was able to measure the impact of its creator collaborations through TTCM. Across the campaign, the storytelling content resonated with the target audience, meaning the brand saw significant uplift in Ad Recall.

The collaborations also drove action: Close Up measured +3.7% intent uplift. By utilising TTCM, the brand was able to find the right creators to tap into engaged audiences, delivering a strong message about their products in an authentic, playful way. 

Overall, the campaign received 50.3M video views and 444.5K engagements, boosting awareness across the target audience.


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