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"Our collaboration with TikTok creators allowed us to tap into their authentic connections with their communities and achieve cost-efficient app installs. We're thrilled with the success of our campaign and look forward to future partnerships with TikTok."
TOD Marketing Team

The Objective

Launching an app install campaign on TikTok

TOD is an entertainment and sports streaming app that features a premium selection of sports events, movies and TV shows. It boasts a library of international, Arabic and Turkish titles as well as curated kids' shows, ensuring binge-worthy entertainment for the whole family!

For sports lovers, TOD also offers access to award-winning beIN Sports award-winning channels. TOD 360 lets you watch all premium football matches, with live stats and instant replays available. 

For its first app install campaign on TikTok, The TOD team leveraged the excitement before World Cup 2022. The campaign ran for three weeks with the goal of driving app installs across the United Arab Emirates, Saudi Arabia and Qatar.

The Solution

Partnering with TikTok creators during the pre-World Cup season

In order to reach and engage its target audiences on TikTok, the TOD team partnered with five TikTok creators using TikTok Creator Marketplace (TTCM), Tiktok's official platform for brand and creator collaborations. Through TTCM, the brand was able to discover creators in the region that have a strong following in the gaming and sports communities on TikTok.

Each creator showcased the app and its selection of sports and entertainment titles. These include international blockbusters like Spider-Man: No Way Home and The Matrix Resurrections or popular TV shows like Pretty Little Liars and Gossip Girl. For football enthusiasts, the creators also made sure to highlight the UEFA Champions League matches.

Once all creator videos were approved and live, the brand worked with the TikTok team to ensure the videos were reaching as many relevant users as possible. This was done through Spark Ads, which allowed the brand to “boost" creator videos to reach a wider audience without losing the videos' organic feel.

Targeting optimizations were also implemented through lookalike audiences, making sure the campaign reached users who are more likely to download the app.

The Results

Achieving cost-efficient app installs through creator-led content

TOD's creator-led campaign on TikTok drove over 31,000 app installs. The successful results proved the winning combination of leveraging a seasonal moment and collaborating with relevant creators. Compared to industry benchmarks, the campaign also had a 67% more efficient cost-per-install and an 87% more efficient conversion rate.

Because TikTok creators drive authentic connections with their communities, the campaign also had a 50% video completion rate that was 128% higher than industry benchmark.

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