Client Success Program – US
Client Success Program – US
Client Success Program – US
Client Success Program – US
Client Success Program – US
Client Success Program – US Client Success Program – US
Client Success Program – US Client Success Program – US

Client Success Program US

Thank you for taking part in our TikTok Creator Marketplace – Client Success webinar. Hopefully you learnt the latest in TTCM trends & strategies but also discovered helpful practical tips and best practices from our TTCM expert.

To qualify for our $5,000 TikTok Ad Incentive for TTAM Credit or TTCM Pay Coupons*, you must:
  • Use code clientsuccessna when you publish your campaign
  • Complete 5 creator posts resulting in TTCM official videos
  • Spend $35k of media against the content created
All must be completed within 90 days of attending a client success webinar to be eligible!
*The credit can be redeemed as TTCM Pay Coupons by US clients only
💡 TIP: You can use the search term clientsuccessna to find a list of great creators on TTCM and use the campaign code when creating your campaign.

Office Hours

Office hours will be available every Thursday from 10am PT. Sign up for our 1:1 sessions with Client Success team.

We'd love to hear from you!

Thank you for joining this month's TTCM Client Success webinar! Please complete this quick survey (2-3 mins) to help us further improve the Client Success program and continue delivering excellent work. We appreciate you sharing your thoughts and feedback with the team!

Client Success Webinar - US

Open Applications

Open Applications are a new campaign type that allows advertisers to post the details of an upcoming campaign to TikTok Creator Marketplace for creators to proactively apply.
Discover the right TTCM creators for your campaign – Open Applications make it easier to find creators with unique stories and unsearchable attributes by allowing creators to pitch their ideas within their applications.
Save time with preference filters and screening questions – Preference filters and screening questions give advertisers the ability to surface the most relevant creators faster.
No need to choose between campaign types – Advertisers can now send campaign invites to specific creators along with sending out a campaign brief to the TTCM network of creators.

Invite Links

Invite Links are a new campaign collaboration tool that allows you to invite creators to a campaign outside of the TTCM platform by generating a public link for creators to upload their videos.
Access to any TikTok CreatorAdvertisers can now collaborate with any 18+ creator on TikTok at the click of a button.
Access to aggregated first-party reporting – Advertisers still have the benefits of TTCM reporting and performance solutions. We know you need real-time reporting vs. a snapshot in time.
Access to Anchors* – Plugged into TTCM Anchors, deep links that brands can pin to the creator comments or on their content. Anchors are able to connect potential customers to a brand-centric landing page with a single-click.
*Anchor availability limited to Gaming, E-commerce, Media, and App downloads
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