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Read our introduction to Open Applications? Great! This means you know it's a great new collaboration type on TikTok Creator Marketplace, where brands can post a detailed campaign invite that is open to creators on TikTok Creator Marketplace to self-apply.
Now that you know the step-by-step guide on how to set up an Open Applications campaign, read our 5 tips on how to ace your Open Applications campaign!

Tip #1: Make your brief clear and compelling

Creators are creative — and there's nothing that catches their attention better than a campaign brief that has a snazzy title and an interesting concept. When creating your Open Applications campaign, don't be afraid to have some fun with your campaign title! Be sure to also include high-quality images that showcase your brand and product from different angles.

It's also best practice to propose an attractive price for the collaboration. Make full use of tiered pricing available in Open Applications campaigns, where clients can set different starting prices by creator tiers. When creators of different follower tiers see the Open Applications campaign invite, they will only see the starting rate listed, depending on their tier.

Tip #2: Surface relevant creators faster with filters and screening questions

Leverage automatic hard filter 'Creator Location' to ensure only creators from the countries you want to run your campaigns in can apply. You can enter as many countries as you want to include. There is also an optional hard filter, 'Miminum Follower Count' – check this only if you want to filter out creators who have less than a certain number of followers.

Using the filters available on Open Applications helps narrow down the applicant pool, making it easier for you to surface and review
relevant creators, faster!

Screening questions are optional, but filling in this step allows you to set questions to learn more about a creator's location or experience doing paid partnerships. This is an effective way to find creators who match your campaign needs. For example, if you wish to narrow down to creators who have used your product before, you can do so by indicating this in the screening question.

Tip #3: Invite specific creators you want to work with

Maybe you discovered a specific creator on TikTok Creator Marketplace that you feel is a good fit for your campaign. With Open Applications, advertisers can also include a direct invite to specific creators on TikTok Creator Marketplace, once their Open Applications campaign is published! This simply means you can create a single campaign that is open to relevant creators to self-apply, while also allowing you to invite specific creators that you wish to work with – all in
one place, for easy management.

Tip #4: Actively review creators' applications for your Open Applications campaign

Here's a pro tip: actively manage your Open Applications campaign to ensure you don't miss any creators' applications! Be sure to check in daily on your Open Applications campaign to see new creators who have applied. Applications are sorted by relevance based on how well they match the brief and our machine learning algorithm.

All creators' applications will expire 7 days from the campaign application period end date, so be sure to check in on your Open Applications campaign to actively review and manage your creators' applications.

Tip #5: Combine multiple deliverables in one brief

With Open Applications, advertisers can now run both Ad Creatives and branded content in the same campaign, at the same time! If you're an advertiser who is looking to run a campaign with both branded content videos and ad content, here's how you can make Open Applications work for you: When creating your Open Applications campaign, make full use
of the feature to 'Request Multiple Deliverables'. When you select 'Ad Creative' as a deliverable, the creator can send you content that you can sync directly to your Ads Manager account.

This means you can now work with creators to do branded content videos and ad creatives, making it that much easier to maximise your campaign!

Discover new TikTok creators on TikTok Creator Marketplace

Bring your holiday campaigns into the spotlight with TikTok Creator Marketplace this festive season! With 95% of TikTok users spending time on TikTok this holiday season¹, it is the ideal platform for you to reach users looking for holiday inspiration and seasonal purchases. Working with TikTok creators can be an impactful way for you to not only generate relatable content, but also to drive conversions –  in fact, 89% of TikTok users believe that creator content on TikTok had an influence on their purchase decision².

With TikTok Creator Marketplace, advertisers and agencies can choose from over 800,000 diverse creators to work with. TikTok Creator Marketplace also equips advertisers with in-built tools to manage campaigns end-to-end, as well as analyse campaign performance in real-time. 

¹ TikTok commissioned survey for Christmas in APAC (N=4165) 2023
² Creators on TikTok Research by Kantar Consulting. Conducted in ID, PH, TH, VN, 2022

5 Winning Ideas for TikTok Creator Collaborations this Holiday Season

#1. Showcase the festive mood

Spread the festive cheer with holiday themed content, and collaborate with creators to keep your content relevant to the latest holiday trends. The festive spirit is strong with TikTok users, and 64% are turning to TikTok to look for Christmas inspiration*. In fact, in December alone, there was a 4.3 times increase in video views*, highlighting the immense outreach your brand can have by connecting with viewers during this period.

*TikTok Global Internal Data, Video views, Aug 2023
*TikTok APAC Internal Data, Aug 2023

Pro Tip: Use hashtags like #christmasvibes which has 11.4 billion global hashtag views, to find creators who are making trendy holiday content

#2. Tis the Season For Spontaneous Purchases

TikTok users are in the festive spirit, and eager to spend during the holiday season. Festive shopping coincides with major sales seasons like Black Friday, Christmas and so on, making it the best time for consumers to do their holiday shopping. Take note of these special periods where consumers are purchase-ready, and work with creators to promote your exclusive festive deals!

Pro Tip: Create exclusive promo codes for the TikTok creators you worked with to share with their community of users. Tis' the time to shine the spotlight on your new product launches as well!

#3. Feast-Worthy Content

During the holiday season, there is a delightful tradition of coming together to feast with loved ones. During this time, cooking related content is popular, with 57% looking for Christmas recipe inspirations on TikTok. If you are a food brand, work with creators to showcase your products as ingredients for seasonal recipes, as 70% of TikTok users have tried a recipe or hack after getting inspired by TikTok.*

*TikTok commissioned survey with Toluna in APAC (N=4165) 2023

Pro Tip: Use TikTok Creator Marketplace Filters to find creators to filter creators by category, that way you can shortlist creators
who are known for their food-related content!

#4. Gift Ideas

The festive season is a time of giving and receiving. It is the perfect occasion to team up with creators to unveil your latest product or reach new customers, as 95% of TikTok users enjoy discovering new products and brands when shopping for gifts*. Besides gifting others, TikTok users also like to indulge in a bit of self-pampering during this festive season – making it a great time to turn their interest into irresistible purchases.

*TikTok commissioned survey for Christmas in APAC (N=4165) 2023

Pro Tip: TikTok Creator Marketplace allows you to not only invite specific creators to collaborate with, but also post a campaign brief of what you are looking for and select from creators that come to you.


#5. Unleash festive glamour

Tis the season for festive celebrations, and TikTok users are getting dressed to impress! In fact, 84% of TikTok users are turning to TikTok to get their dose of fashion and beauty inspiration during months like Christmas. If you are a Beauty or Fashion brand, the stage is set for you to work with TikTok creators to showcase your brand's unique style and products. Here's the exciting part – after watching fashion/beauty content on TikTok, half of the viewers couldn't resist making a purchase!*

*TikTok commissioned survey with Toluna in APAC (N=4165) 2023

Pro Tip: Use TikTok Creator Marketplace audience filters like gender ratio, location and age to find creators who target the same audience that your brand is tailored for