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Driving strong brand awareness for fashion brand GQ Apparel

With the objective of boosting brand awareness and driving greater interest among their target audience, Thailand-based fashion brand GQ Apparel decided to tap into the large audience of popular TikTok creators and capitalize on their unique reach.



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Collaborating with TikTok creators to cement presence in TikTok's fashion community

GQ Apparel worked with Digital Bites marketing agency, to effectively source for collaborations with content creators to run their fashion marketing campaign on TikTok. By leveraging TikTok Creator Marketplace, Digital Bites was able to shortlist and collaborate with a diverse mix of mid- and top-tier creators, such as @keng.pk888, @janjanjan_15, and @topz_v. Each of these creators brought their distinct flair and unique content style, to showcase a variety of fashion inspiration looks that resonated with their individual styles. With such creative showcase and seamless integration of GQ Apparel's fashion line, audiences' attention was easily captured.

Achieving impressive results with Spark Ads

To further elevate performance of these carefully curated creators' videos, Digital Bites then utilised Spark Ads to amplify the videos and boost their ROI with impressive 6sec VTR across creatives. This brought impressive results, with the campaign achieving an outstanding 23.6% in average 6sec VTR and a total video view count of over 4.9M! Overall, GQ Apparel and Digital bites were able to collectively achieve resounding success in their fashion marketing campaign, generating substantial interest and buzz from the TikTok fashion community.
Digital Bites also used the TTCM promotional Advertising Code, “CNY888”, during the campaign creation process. This allowed the team to get US$888 Ad Credits that can be used for other auction campaigns run on TikTok for Business platform, and continue to achieve outstanding results for their next branded campaign.

Client Testimonial

“TikTok Creator Marketplace really helped us incorporate a full-funnel strategy and allowed us to expand our audience in such a competitive market. We were able to achieve incredible results with positive ROI along with lower cost per conversion. We also saw a significant improvement across all top-funnel campaigns by using these creators as well."

Digital Bites

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