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Increasing conversions for gaming company Funtap through TikTok Creator Marketplace's new Gaming Anchor

Vietnamese Gaming company FunTap wanted to introduce users to their new game, Ever Song: Coi Tich Noi Loan. Through their collaboration with TikTok creators, FunTap was able to drive traffic to the game and gain more app downloads.



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Click-through Rate (CTA button on Gaming Anchor Landing Page)

Capturing the gamer community's heart through engaging game demo videos

Vietnamese Gaming company FunTap leveraged the TikTok Creator Marketplace to find relevant content creators with presence in the  Vietnamese gaming community, like @maru1697. These creators have past experience in reviewing various types of games and are widely trusted by users. In their own engaging ways, the creators did a demo of how FunTap's new game works to entice users and share a little more about how the game works. By bringing users into the exciting fantasy world of Ever Song: Coi Tich Noi Loan, creators compel viewers to also have a go at the game themselves!

Attracting new gamers to download the app with our new Gaming Anchor

To enable interested gamers to easily join the mystical world of Ever Song: Coi Tich Noi Loan, FunTap spearheaded the use of Gaming Anchor in APAC. This brand new feature on TikTok Creator Marketplace allowed FunTap to directly link to a landing page introducing their game where users will then be directed to the App Store to easily download the game. 
By utilising Gaming Anchor in their creator-led content, FunTap reached over 315K users and achieved a high click-through rate of 64.4% from the landing page to their new game on the app store.
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