Les Mills x Reebok FW 2023
Les Mills x Reebok FW 2023
Les Mills x Reebok FW 2023
Les Mills x Reebok FW 2023
Les Mills x Reebok FW 2023
Les Mills x Reebok FW 2023 Les Mills x Reebok FW 2023
Les Mills x Reebok FW 2023 Les Mills x Reebok FW 2023

Driving awareness for Les Mills' seasonal collection with Reebok

Les Mills, a leading fitness brand, wanted to work with TikTok creators to drive awareness of their Fall/Winter seasonal collection with Reebok.



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Click-Through Rate (CTR)


Cost per View (CPV)

Collaborating with niche TikTok creators to drive better reachs

With the goal of creating buzz and generating relatability with their audience, Les Mills worked with the TikTok Client Success team and leveraged TikTok Creator Marketplace as a platform to find niche creators in the Fitness category.  By collaborating with niche fitness TikTok creators based in the US, such as @malinastrive (52k followers) and @brittaniwelker (128k followers), Les Mills was able to target specific segments of their key audiences, which minimised audience overlap and drove better reach for their campaign. 

Boosting product awareness with TikTok creators

The brand's openness to innovate ideas from the creators themselves allowed them to execute the content brief that showcased their individual strengths. This includes enabling creators to leverage on their expert knowledge, which not only made the videos entertaining, but also informative for their audiences. In turn, this boosted greater awareness among audiences for Les Mills' seasonal collection with Reebok as well.

Les Mills also utilised Spark Ads to boost their creators' videos, which helped to further boost an uplift in the click-through rate (CTR) and number of video views.   

The results

Overall, the brand managed to generate an impressive 7.3M+ video views (both organic+paid) with a Cost-Per-View (CPV) of USD$0.01! With the resounding success achieved from the campaign, Les Mills looks forward to executing future campaigns on TikTok Creator Marketplace as well. 

Client Testimonial

“TikTok Creator Marketplace was easy to use, and finding ideal creators for our campaign was a straightforward process. The creators exceeded our expectations with their own creative spin. We were flexible with our brief which allowed creators to style the apparel in their own unique way resulting in loads of interactions. The team at TikTok guided us through the steps to success and this was proven in our incredible campaign results."

Les Mills

Excited to start your own creator-led campaign? Visit TikTok Creator Marketplace and start discovering new creators for your brand!

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