3 reasons to do branded content with TikTok creators
3 reasons to do branded content with TikTok creators
3 reasons to do branded content with TikTok creators
3 reasons to do branded content with TikTok creators
3 reasons to do branded content with TikTok creators
3 reasons to do branded content with TikTok creators 3 reasons to do branded content with TikTok creators
3 reasons to do branded content with TikTok creators 3 reasons to do branded content with TikTok creators

While branded content has taken on many forms over the years, there is a rising trend in brands and agencies looking to do branded content with TikTok creators.

It's no secret why, especially for brands who want to build and tell their story in a seamless, authentic fashion.

The power of storytelling, through TikTok creators, allows them to build a genuine and natural connection with their audiences. In fact, 71% of users say that a creator's relatability motivates engagement. *

Which begets the question – how can brands leverage TikTok creators to run  their branded content campaigns?

Create branded content with TikTok creators on TikTok Creator Marketplace

TikTok Creator Marketplace is the official platform for brand and creator collaborations on TikTok. Brands can discover and engage their desired creators for brand collaborations, and have their campaign managed seamlessly through the platform. From creation of campaign to briefing and approving of creator videos, all can be done with ease on TikTok Creator Marketplace. 

Hear from @itsjustinesy: Why using TikTok Creator Marketplace is fast and easy for branded content collaborations

In this short video, TikTok Creator Marketplace creator @itsjustinesy shares  why she enjoys using TikTok Creator Marketplace to do branded content with brands. 

Having joined TikTok Creator Marketplace since 2021, Justine used the marketplace platform to expand her reach and build connections with many new brands.

One of the best features about TikTok Creator Marketplace for her is the creator portfolio feature, where brands can easily see creators’  TikTok videos’ performance, sample videos, and reach. Apart from that, the convenience of having everything managed on TikTok Creator Marketplace, from negotiations of brief to payment, is also another feature she appreciates!

3 reasons to do branded content with TikTok creators, via TikTok Creator Marketplace

1. Wide selection of experienced creators, with diverse specialties

TikTok Creator Marketplace has a database of over 800k qualified creators, from over 25 countries, across various categories such as beauty, fashion, gaming, lifestyle and more to choose from. Our search feature allows you to easily narrow down your search by applying different filters based on your brand's unique criteria, including audience interests, demographics, video topics. Depending on the objective of your brand's campaign, such as increasing brand awareness, you can easily discover the right fit of content creators to collaborate with. It is also a one-stop tool for you to manage your campaign,

2. Sourcing the right creators with multiple filters

Beyond being able to filter for content creators via the filters as mentioned earlier, brands can also access creators' performance insights and profile.

Their profile will include:

  • Average views on their videos
  • Number of followers and follower growth rate
  • Engagement rate
  • Most Recent and Most Popular Videos
  • Brands they previously partnered with (if any)

3. Access first-party reporting on campaign performance

Brands can assess the performance of their campaign in real time, via the Campaign Reporting dashboard. There are three main tabs available to browse: Overview, Engagement and Audience, where you will be able to view performance metrics such as views, engagement rate, audience break-down and more. Easily measure the success of your campaign and devise strategies best catered to your brand accordingly.

Visit here for detailed guide

Earn US$999 free ad credits for your next branded content campaign on TikTok Creator Marketplace

With summer fast approaching, it also signals a myriad of opportunities for you to drive brand sales on TikTok!

We are pleased to share with you our Mega Sales campaign where you can earn USD$999 ad credits upon completion of campaigns on TikTok Creator Marketplace.

Incentive details:

  • Available from 1 July onwards
  • Entitled to USD$999 ad credits, with a minimum spend of USD$3,000 Spark Ads spend on the creator videos

Step-by-step guide:

1. Login to TikTok Creator Marketplace

2. Click on ‘Create Campaign’ [top right corner]

3. Select your Campaign Objectives and Collaboration Type. Click ‘Confirm’ at the bottom right.

4. On the next page, add the Selected Creators from your shortlist that you want to invite for campaign collaboration. Fill in your Campaign Details, Deliverables, and Payment method.

5. Below the ‘Payment’ section, you will notice a section for ‘Advertising code’.

6. Enter the Advertiser code “MEGASALES999” in the red boxed out section marked out below:

7. Click ‘Confirm’, check your campaign details on the next page, and press ‘Publish’ to start running your campaign with creators.

Earn up to USD$999 in ad credits, run your campaign on TikTok Creator Marketplace now!

*Terms and conditions apply, please see the full terms and conditions here.

Feeling motivated to start your own creator-led campaign? Explore success stories of brands like FOREO, vivo achieving great success with their campaigns!

*Source: TikTok Marketing Science Global Creators Like Me Study, 2021, conducted by Hotspex


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