With Songkran 2023 coming up, join the TikTok Creator Marketplace team for a Celebrate Songkran webinar!

Date: 4 April 2023 (Tue)
Time: 10.00am (GMT+7)

In this webinar, you will learn:

  • Insights on TikTok users' behaviour during Songkran
  • How to work with TikTok creators to unlock this potential and drive sales during Songkran
  • How to use TikTok Creator Marketplace to discover and shortlist creators, and manage your campaign

We will also be having a 20-minute fireside chat with Thailand-based TikTok creator @aki_yamaguchi, who will be sharing tips on how to work with local creators to supercharge your brand performance during Songkran!

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Webinar: Celebrate Songkran!

4 April 2023, 10AM (GMT+7)

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Ramadan is just around the corner! When it comes to seasonal moments such as Ramadan 2023, TikTok is the go-to platform for users to find inspiration and motivation to purchase.  Did you know, TikTok users are 1.6x more likely than non-TikTok users to shop more this Ramadan vs 2022*?

What makes TikTok distinct is how users gather as communities around shared passions and interests – be it food, entertainment, beauty or shopping . During Ramadan 2023, these communities become more active by watching and engaging with TikTok creators that capture their interest. 

So how can brands better engage with communities on TikTok this Ramadan 2023? One way is to work with TikTok creators to create branded content, leveraging Ramadan insights to unlock your campaign's potential. 

1. Cook up a storm with TikTok creators

It's not surprising that cooking is one of the most popular Ramadan moments on TikTok, with users searching for inspiration when it comes to Ramadan marketing ideas, Ramadan recipes, or Suhoor & breaking fast menu ideas.

According to TikTok Ramadan insights, 86% of TikTok users are interested in seeing F&B related content on TikTok during Lebaran (ID) & Hari Raya (MY)**!

This is a great chance for food and cooking-related businesses to embed this moment into your campaign.

Search for Cooking Creators

2. Ramadan Shopping with TikTok creators

According to TikTok Ramadan insights, 67% of TikTok users shop more during Ramadan**!

Users tend to look for TikTok creators for makeup ideas with GRWM (Get Ready With Me) being popular content. They also look out for shopping hauls, product reviews or demonstrations.  Some of the top shopping categories are Fashion & Accessories, Food & Beverage, Beauty & Personal Care.

This is the perfect opportunity to work with creators this Ramadan on TikTok Creator Marketplace, to showcase your product in an inspiring and authentic manner.

Search for Shopping Creators

3. Hop on the latest trends with TikTok creators

Whether it's catchy dance trends or funny vlogs, entertainment on TikTok is no longer owned by actors or famous celebrities.

In fact, 3 in 4 users use Tiktok during Ramadan to find entertainment and inspirations*.

TikTok audiences love watching authentic content that spreads the joyful spirit and diverse vibes of Ramadan. If you are looking to work with TikTok creators to create entertaining content during Ramadan 2023, consider tapping into creators who are experienced in doing casual vlogs or tuned into the latest trends!

Search for Entertainment Creators

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Step-by-step guide: 

1. Login to TikTok Creator Marketplace

2. Click on ‘Create Campaign’ [top right corner]

3. Select your Campaign Objectives and Collaboration Type. Click ‘Confirm’ at the bottom right.

4. On the next page, add the Selected Creators from your shortlist that you want to invite for campaign collaboration. Fill in your Campaign Details, Deliverables, and Payment method.

5. Below the ‘Payment’ section, you will notice a section for ‘Advertising code’.

6. Enter the Advertiser code “CELEBRATE777” in the red boxed out section marked out below:

7. Click ‘Confirm’, check your campaign details on the next page, and press ‘Publish’ to start running your campaign with creators.

Earn US$777 in ad credits, run your campaign on TikTok Creator Marketplace now!

*Terms and conditions apply, please see the full terms and conditions here.

*Source: TikTok commissioned study conducted by Toluna on behaviours during

Ramadan among n=432 TikTok users and non-users in MY, Sep 2022; and among n=596 TikTok users and non-users in ID, Sep 2022

**Source: TikTok commissioned study conducted by Toluna on behaviours during Ramadan among n=596 TikTok users and non-users in ID, Sep 2022

What are Invite Links?

Invite links are a new campaign type that allows you to invite creators outside of the TikTok Creator Marketplace platform by generating a link for creators to upload their videos.

This allows you to collaborate with creators even if they are not registered on TikTok Creator Marketplace.

TikTok Creator Marketplace Invite Links

How a generated Invite Links public link looks

Why use TikTok Creator Marketplace Invite Links?

🤼 Work with any TikTok creator

With Invite Links, you no longer need to limit your collaborations to creators who are registered on TikTok Creator Marketplace. You can now collaborate with any creator who meets the local age requirement in their country (for example, creators who are 18 and above in the US).

📊 Access to first-party reporting and performance insights

One of the top benefits of TikTok Creator Marketplace is that it enables brands to see the performance of their campaign right from their Creator Marketplace account. No need to request screenshots from creators to see how your videos are performing!
With Invite Links, you can still access the Reporting dashboard of your account to see metrics such as video views and engagement rate.
Please note that to access this feature, your invited creator still has to accept and upload their video via the Invite Link generated and sent to them. 

How to use Invite Links

If you're ready to start using Invite Links to collaborate with any creators, follow the simple steps below!

1. Verify your TikTok Creator Marketplace account

You need to verify your TikTok Creator Marketplace account to start using Invite Links.
Watch this quick video to learn how to create and verify an account on TikTok Creator Marketplace, or check out this page for verification requirements.

2. Create an Invite Link campaign

Now you’re all set to create your Invite Link campaign!
  • Create a new campaign and select Invite Link under Collaboration Type
  • Click Confirm
  • Fill out your Brand and Contact Info, Campaign Details, Deliverables and Payment. If you want to integrate Anchor links to your campaign, add an app download link under Additional Promotions and request for ad authorization. Please note that Invite Links currently do not support payments, so you will need to select “No" under Online Transactions.

How to select an Invite Link campaign on home page

3. Share the Invite Link with the creator

Your Invite Link will now be generated, and you can now share it directly with the creator you want to collaborate with via your preferred channels offline.
On the creator side, they will see the campaign details when they click on the link. The creator then needs to upload the video via the Invite Link.

4. Monitor your campaign performance

To see how your creator-led campaign is performing, go to the Reporting dashboard in your TTCM account. You can select Invite Link Only in the filters to quickly search for your campaigns that used Invite Links.
Note that it takes about two days for data to appear so don't worry if you don't see any results immediately after your videos go live.

FAQs about Invite Links

Q: Who is eligible to create an Invite Link campaign?
Invite Link campaigns are available to all registered and business verified advertisers on TTCM.
Q: Is there a limit to the number of videos per campaign?
A maximum of 100 videos can be uploaded per campaign.
Q. How can I deactivate an Invite Link campaign?
You can deactivate your Invite Link campaign in your TTCM account via Campaigns > Dashboard > Reporting *Note: Once deactivated, you will not be able to activate it again
Q: A creator uploaded the wrong video, how can I delete it?
Currently, you cannot delete the videos on your end, but you can contact the creator to do so.
Q: Is early video moderation available within the flow when using Invite links?
Early Moderation is currently unavailable for Invite Links. Please plan accordingly.
Q: Will I be able to approve the creator’s video before it is posted publicly?
Invite links is currently in beta testing and brand approval of a creator’s video within the collaboration flow is currently unavailable. It is recommended that you plan to review the creator’s video before requesting the video to be uploaded to the Invite link. The creator should upload the video to the Invite link when you are ready for the video to be publicly posted.

Keen to start using Invite Links to work with TikTok creators?


Driving brand love for McDonald's 50th birthday by remixing their iconic brand audio

As part of its nationwide birthday party, McDonald's (Australia) wanted to connect with its existing super-fans and re-engage with people who may have drifted away from the brand – all while turbo-charging brand love.

Alongside the golden arches and Big Mac, Macca's iconic jingle – “ba da ba ba ba" – is one of the most recognisable parts of the brand and an audio icon. So, the brand wanted to leverage this iconic sound and stand out on TikTok by connecting with the community authentically and giving its audience the chance to play with the sound. 

With the community already playing organically with the brand on TikTok, Macca's knew this was a natural fit for the platform.



6-second VTR




Unique Reach

McDonald's worked with TikTok Creator Marketing Solutions to find creators on TikTok Creator Marketplace to deliver the campaign. The brand worked with six up and coming Aussie artists from a spread of musical genres to reinterpret the jingle with their own musical flares.

Each creator brought a unique lens to the brief: violinist @joelsvnny had cinematic drama, @h3rizonmusic showed off their acapella nous. Rapper @jaycee spat some bars, @mikaela_swan showcased incredible skills in drumming, @jhekhoos brought a laid-back acoustic spin and @djparislawrence created the remix to remix them all.

Each creator brought their own special sauce to the iconic jingle, and by partnering with a diverse range of creators, Macca’s was able to show up in unexpected ways to many different communities. 

This fit-for-platform campaign showed how sound-first creativity on TikTok can be a powerful brand-building tool. View-through rates of all creative performed well above the benchmark at 10.28%, indicating high community interest. Total impressions hit an impressive 41.2 million.

There was also a 34.9% increase in ad recall, more than 10,000 comments, and 400,000 likes. This indicated the campaign not only stayed with users, but also authentically encouraged fan engagement through the use of diverse creators. 

Client Testimonial

“Over the past 50 years, Australians have a rich history of making our brand their own, having christened us 'Macca's' for generations, so the launch of this campaign was a fantastic way to celebrate our ongoing connection with the local audience. With creativity on TikTok being underpinned by great sounds, it just made sense for us to work together to open up our famous jingle to our community and allow them to remix it for our anniversary."

Chris Brown, CMO
McDonald’s Australia

Excited to start your own creator-led campaign? Visit TikTok Creator Marketplace and start discovering new creators for your brand!

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*This success story was first published on TikTok for Business (Australia).

Boosting awareness of the vivo X80 series with TikTok Creator Marketplace

Multi-tech company vivo (Philippines) wanted to boost brand awareness and education of their X80 series with a focus on the Zeiss collaboration within the TikTok Philippines community.



Total Views


Average Engagement Rate


Cost Per Click (CPC)

Leveraging TikTok's Creator Search & Discovery feature

With the aim of driving full success and achieving optimal results in the campaign, the brand worked with TikTok Creator Marketing Solutions Client Success team to provide them with first-boarding technical support for their creator-led campaign.

As a relatively new user to TikTok Creator Marketing, vivo (Philippines) leveraged on the Creator Search & Discovery feature on TikTok Creator Marketplace to source for creators. The brand partnered with 5 strong creators based in Philippines, a mix of 1 micro and 4 mid-tier creators : @kattvaldez (34.1k followers), @itsjustinesy (275k followers),  @thedavevisuals (188k followers), @karlpatacsil_(804k followers) , @kevincharlesdc (485k followers). 

Achieving high engagement rates with TikTok creators in Philippines

Coupled with a high clarity content brief from the brand and sufficient creative space for the creators to showcase each of their unique styles through the videos, vivo (Philippines) achieved great results with their creator-led campaign.

The brand saw an average engagement rate of 4.25%, cost per click as low as $0.37 and a total of 21M views! Apart from the huge success achieved in boosting brand awareness of the X80 series, the fuss-free campaign execution process was a bonus for vivo (Philippines) as well, as the brand seeks to continue leveraging on TikTok Creator Marketplace for execution of future campaigns. 

“TTCM enables us to promote KOL content along our own branded official assets, helping to make a more authentic and impactful campaign throughout TikTok."   —— Veronica Tan, vivo (Philippines) digital marketing head

Excited to start your own creator-led campaign? Visit TikTok Creator Marketplace and start discovering new creators for your brand! 

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Driving awareness for MAGGI Pedas Giler

MAGGI, a household food brand under the Nestle Group, wanted to drive engagement with their product MAGGI Pedas Giler noodles by running a remix challenge with TikTok creators to generate buzz and word-of-mouth recommendations.

As part of the MAGGI Pedas Giler remix challenge, users are encouraged to showcase their creativity by mixing in interesting ingredients in their MAGGI Pedas Giler.



Ad Recall uplift




6s View-Through Rate (VTR)

Boosting campaign reach with with MAGGI Pedas Giler remix challenge

MAGGI worked with the TikTok Creator Solutions team to oversee the campaign management, from creator shortlists to creative consultation. The brand worked with a diverse mix of six Malaysia-based TikTok creators, including @im_siowei (2.6M followers) , @sonicwebs (1.5M followers) , and @deadpudds (535k followers) to create excitement and get the MAGGI Pedas Giler remix challenge rolling.

MAGGI Pedas Giler campaign sees high engagement rate with TikTok creators

The campaign’s success was largely driven by the native style of the published content as they are well integrated with the content style of each TikTok creator. Additionally, the creators’ content well leveraged on various creative assets such as music, dance, skit or user interactions, which was key to driving high engagement and views. The consistent aesthetics and transitions used in the creators’ videos, not only kept users engaged but also effectively highlighted the MAGGI Pedas Giler’s unique selling proposition at the same time. 

Overall, the campaign resulted in brilliant results, with over 12M views and an outstanding 9.97 seconds/average watch time per video view, nearly 5 seconds above the benchmark average. 

Excited to start your own creator-led campaign? Visit TikTok Creator Marketplace and start discovering new creators for your brand!

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Driving awareness & registrations through creator collaborations and Spark Ads

Peculiar Eyewear, an online retailer in Philippines, wanted to cement their presence with the TikTok community in a seamless, authentic way. 



Impressions for brand awareness


High conversions on creator content



Boosting impressions and conversions with TikTok Creator Marketplace and Spark Ads

Peculiar Eyewear self-served on TikTok Creator Marketplace, using the Search filter to identify a mid-tier creator that they could collaborate with to create multiple videos. The brand found its ideal, passionate creator, and invited him to produce multiple videos for its campaign. Meanwhile, fashion startup Pomelo identified four fashion-focused creators to collaborate on its Chinese New Year campaign, all via TikTok Creator Marketplace in an effortless manner.

Peculiar then launched Spark Ads, which enabled them to amplify the two videos by the creator and use them as ad creatives in their conversion campaign on TikTok Ads Manager. 

The results

Overall, Peculiar Eyewear’s campaign achieved more than 6.3 million impressions, with brand awareness skyrocketing. Its creator content led to more than 3,000 conversions, with an even lower cost per conversion of 69 US cents. They also loved the fuss-free process that TikTok Creator Marketplace has to offer! “Within 24 hours we had received the raw file for edits and comments." Peculiar Eyewear

Excited to start your own creator-led campaign? Visit TikTok Creator Marketplace and start discovering new creators for your brand! 

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*This success story was first published on TikTok for Business.


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