Increasing conversions for gaming company Funtap through TikTok Creator Marketplace's new Gaming Anchor

Vietnamese Gaming company FunTap wanted to introduce users to their new game, Ever Song: Coi Tich Noi Loan. Through their collaboration with TikTok creators, FunTap was able to drive traffic to the game and gain more app downloads.



Gaming Anchor Video Views


Reach (with Gaming Anchor on)


Click-through Rate (CTA button on Gaming Anchor Landing Page)

Capturing the gamer community's heart through engaging game demo videos

Vietnamese Gaming company FunTap leveraged the TikTok Creator Marketplace to find relevant content creators with presence in the  Vietnamese gaming community, like @maru1697. These creators have past experience in reviewing various types of games and are widely trusted by users. In their own engaging ways, the creators did a demo of how FunTap's new game works to entice users and share a little more about how the game works. By bringing users into the exciting fantasy world of Ever Song: Coi Tich Noi Loan, creators compel viewers to also have a go at the game themselves!

Attracting new gamers to download the app with our new Gaming Anchor

To enable interested gamers to easily join the mystical world of Ever Song: Coi Tich Noi Loan, FunTap spearheaded the use of Gaming Anchor in APAC. This brand new feature on TikTok Creator Marketplace allowed FunTap to directly link to a landing page introducing their game where users will then be directed to the App Store to easily download the game. 
By utilising Gaming Anchor in their creator-led content, FunTap reached over 315K users and achieved a high click-through rate of 64.4% from the landing page to their new game on the app store.
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Work with creators on TikTok Creator Marketplace this Mega Sales shopping season

Are you a brand looking to shout out about your latest product launch or special promotions during Mega Sales shopping season?

Here's 3 reasons why you should consider working with creators on TikTok Creator Marketplace to stay top of mind this Mega Sales season:

  1. Be discovered

    87% of TikTok users have discovered new products/ brands through creator content on TikTok

  2. Drive product sales

    78% of TikTok users have purchased a product after watching TikTok creator content on it

  3. Earn word-of-mouth recommendations

    TikTok users engage actively with TikTok’s creator content – 88% likely to comment on, and 89% likely to share

Source: Creators on TikTok Research by Kantar Consulting. Conducted in ID, PH, TH, VN, 2022

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Driving strong brand awareness for fashion brand GQ Apparel

With the objective of boosting brand awareness and driving greater interest among their target audience, Thailand-based fashion brand GQ Apparel decided to tap into the large audience of popular TikTok creators and capitalize on their unique reach.



Total Video Views


Avg. 6s View-Through Rate (VTR)


ROAS (on Sales Revenue)

Collaborating with TikTok creators to cement presence in TikTok's fashion community

GQ Apparel worked with Digital Bites marketing agency, to effectively source for collaborations with content creators to run their fashion marketing campaign on TikTok. By leveraging TikTok Creator Marketplace, Digital Bites was able to shortlist and collaborate with a diverse mix of mid- and top-tier creators, such as @keng.pk888, @janjanjan_15, and @topz_v. Each of these creators brought their distinct flair and unique content style, to showcase a variety of fashion inspiration looks that resonated with their individual styles. With such creative showcase and seamless integration of GQ Apparel's fashion line, audiences' attention was easily captured.

Achieving impressive results with Spark Ads

To further elevate performance of these carefully curated creators' videos, Digital Bites then utilised Spark Ads to amplify the videos and boost their ROI with impressive 6sec VTR across creatives. This brought impressive results, with the campaign achieving an outstanding 23.6% in average 6sec VTR and a total video view count of over 4.9M! Overall, GQ Apparel and Digital bites were able to collectively achieve resounding success in their fashion marketing campaign, generating substantial interest and buzz from the TikTok fashion community.
Digital Bites also used the TTCM promotional Advertising Code, “CNY888”, during the campaign creation process. This allowed the team to get US$888 Ad Credits that can be used for other auction campaigns run on TikTok for Business platform, and continue to achieve outstanding results for their next branded campaign.

Client Testimonial

“TikTok Creator Marketplace really helped us incorporate a full-funnel strategy and allowed us to expand our audience in such a competitive market. We were able to achieve incredible results with positive ROI along with lower cost per conversion. We also saw a significant improvement across all top-funnel campaigns by using these creators as well."

Digital Bites

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Driving brand love for McDonald's 50th birthday by remixing their iconic brand audio

As part of its nationwide birthday party, McDonald's (Australia) wanted to connect with its existing super-fans and re-engage with people who may have drifted away from the brand – all while turbo-charging brand love.

Alongside the golden arches and Big Mac, Macca's iconic jingle – “ba da ba ba ba" – is one of the most recognisable parts of the brand and an audio icon. So, the brand wanted to leverage this iconic sound and stand out on TikTok by connecting with the community authentically and giving its audience the chance to play with the sound. 

With the community already playing organically with the brand on TikTok, Macca's knew this was a natural fit for the platform.



6-second VTR




Unique Reach

McDonald's worked with TikTok Creator Marketing Solutions to find creators on TikTok Creator Marketplace to deliver the campaign. The brand worked with six up and coming Aussie artists from a spread of musical genres to reinterpret the jingle with their own musical flares.

Each creator brought a unique lens to the brief: violinist @joelsvnny had cinematic drama, @h3rizonmusic showed off their acapella nous. Rapper @jaycee spat some bars, @mikaela_swan showcased incredible skills in drumming, @jhekhoos brought a laid-back acoustic spin and @djparislawrence created the remix to remix them all.

Each creator brought their own special sauce to the iconic jingle, and by partnering with a diverse range of creators, Macca’s was able to show up in unexpected ways to many different communities. 

This fit-for-platform campaign showed how sound-first creativity on TikTok can be a powerful brand-building tool. View-through rates of all creative performed well above the benchmark at 10.28%, indicating high community interest. Total impressions hit an impressive 41.2 million.

There was also a 34.9% increase in ad recall, more than 10,000 comments, and 400,000 likes. This indicated the campaign not only stayed with users, but also authentically encouraged fan engagement through the use of diverse creators. 

Client Testimonial

“Over the past 50 years, Australians have a rich history of making our brand their own, having christened us 'Macca's' for generations, so the launch of this campaign was a fantastic way to celebrate our ongoing connection with the local audience. With creativity on TikTok being underpinned by great sounds, it just made sense for us to work together to open up our famous jingle to our community and allow them to remix it for our anniversary."

Chris Brown, CMO
McDonald’s Australia

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*This success story was first published on TikTok for Business (Australia).


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